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BNW Non-fiction assignment

Each of you will read and share at least one non-fiction piece (news article, story published in an online magazine – NOT simply information) with some connection to Brave New World. You must post a link to the article here as a “comment” (click on “Leave a comment” above), along with your name. Whether you are logged in or not, be sure your name accompanies your comment.

Once you have posted, be patient. I must approve it before it appears on the site.

For your final presentation assignment, present your article to the class with the following information:

  1. Explain the connection to Brave New World.
  2. Give a short summary of the piece (article, essay, etc.) you read.
  3. Did you encounter any vocabulary words which were new or difficult?
  4. What was the main point the author wanted you to get from reading his/her work?
  5. With which points of the piece did you agree or find easy to accept? Why?
  6. With which points of the piece did you disagree or find difficult to believe? Why?
  7. What did you think of this piece? OR How did this piece influence your ideas?
  8. Comment on the responses posted by your peers.

Some suggested topics:

  • “test tube” babies
  • Technological advancements
  • New products
  • Birth and death
  • Stress or other “human” phenomena
  • People “locked away” or separated from society
  • Use/abuse of drugs, effects on society
  • The “War on Drugs
  • Articles on social classes in our society
  • Articles about education in our society